SENSE4HEALTH Breath Tracker

When my little child gets respiratory distress for the first time, I can't recognize if her expirium is prolonged or not. Or how much work she has to do for breathing. Please give me a tool for that!
Now we know what child respiratory distress is and we know how to deal with it – thanks for pediatric OPD and Breath Tracker!

Guiding your patients to do prediagnostic testing of asthma properly

Novel respiratory pattern measurement enables detection of prolonged expiration or inspiration and respiratory rhythm on children and adults
Wireless access to Medikro® Duo Spirometer MEDIKRO is a registered trademark of Medikro Oy, Finland
Recent data of air quality and pollen
Feasable interaction from organization to the client - finds right patients in right time
Available as white label product to be incorporated in Health organizations own app
News! EU-funded co-creation project has selected Sense4Health Ltd as a partner for Oulu University Hospital.
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